Monday, September 3, 2012

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Miss E and I are heading back home today from Maine.  Back to work for me tomorrow (sigh...)  We've had such a great vacation, I hate to see it end.  But Kindergarten starts on Thursday, which we're both very excited about!  One of us is a little queasy and stressed about it, also....hmmm...can you guess who?   Yeah, it's not Elizabeth...

Here are a few random pictures from our weekend.  Besides going to the Blue Hill Fair, E spent a lot of time riding her bike around and just hanging out.
This may be my new favorite picture of her :)
Checking out the lobstahs at Annette's store
Playing with the toys at Annette's
My Dad is recovering from having Pancreotitis and Gallbladder removal surgery.  He's pretty tired and still kind of uncomfortable.  I'm hoping he heals quickly and feels better very soon.  We love you Dad/Grandpa xoxoxox

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