Monday, September 17, 2012

Parenting 101

See this sweet face? Well, yes, Elizabeth is sweet, and smart, and funny, and very loving.  She is an incredible, awesome little girl, she's my little girl and I love her with all my heart. However...there are times when her sassiness  (omg the sassiness!!) can really push my buttons.  I really, really try to take it in stride when she talks back, or says not very nice things to me when I've told her "no."  But sometimes it's hard.  I question myself a lot- am I too hard on her? Am I spoiling her?  I know they say that all kids want and need limits. And of course I know that's true. But sometimes the reaction I get from E when I do set a limit makes me feel like I'm the meanest person on earth. Gah!  Sometimes being a parent feels like you don't do anything right!
Coincidentally, a flyer came home the other day from E's school about a free parenting class being offered next month.  Yeah, I'll be signing up.  The days of my thinking I was going to be the perfect parent are loooong gone....:)

And just some gratuitous cuteness... E with her buddy W in back of our apt complex.


Betsy Keyes said...

No such thing as the perfect parent (or anything else for that matter!). You're doing a great job and you show up every day fighting the good fight. That's all you can ask of yourself.
BTW, I keep voting every day for your blog and your vote count keeps going down!? What are the rules of the site and what's going on with your count?

Ray Grimm said...

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Ray Grimm

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