Saturday, September 8, 2012

What next, the keys to the car??

So Friday morning, day 2 of Kindergarten, Miss E informed me that she didn't need me to hold her hand, and can go into school all by herself, thank you very much.  And she did.  She crossed the street with the other kids (and crossing guard) and confidently disappeared into the school after turning to give me a wave good bye.  She looked so grown up!!   Oh, and she also told me she wants to take the bus to school instead of me driving her.  The school bus comes to our apt. complex, and she has seen all the other kids waiting for it in the mornings.  So...I think on Monday morning, I will let her take the bus to school.  Gulp!!  Have I mentioned how proud I am of this girl?!

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Stephanie said...

THey grow up quickly. Elliott barely says goodbye to us anymore. The girls still want to be walked to their class. But, I remember wanting to ride the bus like my sister to kindergarten so I guess we were that independent also. Just hard to see. Glad to hear school is going well!

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