Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I feel like I should throw a party or something

Oh, do I feel like celebrating...Something monumental happened today...

I made my LAST Day Care payment!!!

Maybe this isn't real appropriate to talk about on a public blog, but I'm going to anyway.  Because I know others out there have felt the same way.  Here's the thing.  The cost of Day Care was KILLING me.  Every month for the past 4 + years, it killed me.   As a single parent, it was really a struggle.  And I was in the position of making too much $ to qualify for any assistance, but not enough to not struggle every month with the tuition cost.  Don't get me wrong.  I love where E has gone to Day Care.  I am grateful that we have had a place where I can leave her every day knowing she's safe, happy and learning.  The teachers are great, and I know they don't get paid as much as they should.   But man...none of that makes it easier to afford the astronomical tuition cost.  And the place E goes is not even as expensive as some others around.  It's just crazy.  I wish with all the campaign rhetoric going on, someone would address this issue.  I haven't heard either of the presidential candididates talk about this-our country needs affordable quality Child Care.  Don't get me started on this!!

In related news, I know the name of E's assigned Kindergarten teacher.  When I told E, she said, "Oh, she's a bad teacher!  She said no seconds on Goldfish!"  Apparently Miss E remembers the teacher from Orientation.  Lol! 

So next Wednesday 8/22 will be E's last day at Day Care, then the next day, we jump on an airplane to go to San Diego!  Can't wait!


Dusty Reisch said...

Throw a party!!!! You deserve it!

We are looking forward to seeing you here in San Diego!

Carol said...

congrats on graduating from day care:)

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