Monday, August 27, 2012

San Diego recap, part 1!!

We are back from our lightening fast trip to San Diego!  I was hoping to blog while we were out there, but it didn't work out.  So, here's a recap of the first part of our little trip....
Wednesday night, E and I stayed over at our friend Maria's house, and M very nicely got up early and drove us to the airport (thanks M!) Thursday morning.
Waiting in line at Logan (blurry- sorry!)

Loving having a window seat :)
 Let me just say, I didn't need to worry about traveling with E.  She was a rock star on the airplane.  She loved looking out the window and taking everything in.  Quite a difference from the last time I flew with her!!  She also loved her new e-reader that I got her for the trip :) 

We arrived in San Diego mid afternoon, and our friend Julie picked us up and wisked us to her house.  It felt great to see Palm Trees again...Boy, I've missed SD...
E in front of Julie's house
 Julie has a little studio apartment behind her house that she used to rent out, but is currently vacant, so E and I got to sleep there.  Julie is an amazing hostess, and had the apt. all set up for us.  E and I both loved having our little home away from home there :)  Anyway...Thu night we just hung out with Julie, had a yummy dinner and then crashed..
Friday, Julie took us shopping (love you Target!), where she spoiled E and me by buying us outfits for school/work.  We also went out to lunch and on of our favorite little Mexican restaurants  :)
Friday night, E and I went to visit my friend Jeanette in Chula Vista.  Her daughters' school was having a festivsal so we all went to that.  So much fun for E to get to play with kids and run around after sitting on an airplane all day Thu, and shopping all day Friday!
With Jeanette's adorable daughter G, who was so great with E :)

So great to visit with friends and be back in my beloved San Diego...!!!!

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Stephanie said...

such fun! Glad to hear you guys had an amazing time...

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