Friday, August 10, 2012

Social Media is taking over my life, and I kinda like it!!

So...I finally checked out Pinterest yesterday.  I know, late to the party as always...Well, I liked it, which is probably not a good thing...Like I need to spend more time on the computer...sigh...oh well...

I also made a Facebook "All About Elizabeth" media addict here... can follow me on FB and Pinterest by clicking on the badges on the right hand side.  I don't have too much on either of them yet, but I will be adding stuff shortly.

Also...don't forget to click on the brown banner above to help me move up the ranks on Top Mommy Blogs!  You can do that one time a day.  Thank you!!!

Boy this blog is getting crowded with all these buttons!


Betsy Keyes said...

You've moved up to #10 in the ranks of Adoption blogs!!
I'll keep voting and soon you'll be #1!

Anne said...

Thanks Bets!

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