Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A girl and her scooter :)

So for months, Elizabeth has been begging me for a scooter, specifically the pink Disney Princess scooter.  I've kept putting her off, after all, she has a bike (actually two bikes!). Finally, though, I decided to go ahead and get her one. While she was at Maria's on Sunday, I went to Targay and bought it. I was going to surprise her with it on Sunday when I picked her up from M's, but it was too late in the day by the time we got home. So yesterday, after I picked her up from Afterschool, we got home, and I asked her to help me get something from the trunk of the car. I opened the trunk and when she saw the scooter, she absolutely lit up!! She said, "Oh Mommy, this was the one I wanted!!" :)
Happy girl

She even rode it to the bus stop this morning :)

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