Monday, October 29, 2012

More Halloween fun, and Sandy

So, Miss E and I have an extra "home day" today, because of Hurricane Sandy. E's school and my work have both been called off. Here in the Boston area, the heavy rain and winds are supposed to hit around mid day. Right now, at about 7:45am, it's rainy, but doesn't look especially windy out yet. I'm just hoping that everyone stays safe, and also that we don't lose power. But if we do, we can always rely on E's handy dandy Hello Kitty battery operated lantern. I am sooo ready for this storm...;)
Yesterday, our town had it's annual big Halloween parade. They hold it rain or shine, and yesterday was definitely rain and no shine.  It was cold and drizzly the whole time, but we had fun. E scored lots of candy, and hugs from Pooh Bear, Tigger, Minnie and Mickey Mouse :)

We went to a Halloween party on Saturday (thanks, Misty and Paden!), where E got to wear her Dorothy costume again. This costume has already gotten dirty and washed once and it's not even Halloween yet!

Everyone stay safe if you live in the path of Hurricane Sandy...xoxoxoxo

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