Saturday, July 14, 2012

Birthday party!

Elizabeth's birthday party was today, held at the "Splash park."  This is a great playground that has a splash pad with sprinklers.   I didn't get a lot of pics unfortunately, but here are a few...Maria gave E a "rocket launcher" for her bday, that is what the kids are playing with in most of these photos.

And of course, there was pizza...
 And cake...
(some little faced blurred since I didn't ask parents' permission to post)

It was a fun little party, and E had a great time.  Until the guests started leaving, when she began crying, and really cranking out...I've mentioned  before that she does not like goodbyes, and hates for parties, and playdates to end.  I just hope she can take in and remember the great time she had with her friends while the party was still going on :)

So...this officially wraps up another bday for Miss E.  Another great one! :)

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High Dollar Hippie said...

Looks like so much fun, she has a lot of friends! Happy Birthday, E!!
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