Friday, July 6, 2012

Maine- Day 4

Ok, these pictures are all jumbled up, but Blogger is being a PITA, and I'm having trouble moving the pictures around...
Today we went to a Farmer's Market on Deer Isle (Stonington), and there was a small playground next to it, so E and I hung out there while my Mom, sister, and BIL walked through the market.  The playground had a wooden boat in it, which Elizabeth thought was pretty cool. :) 
After lunch, E and I went back to Deer Isle to go for a swim in a pond that we like there.  After that, we went to Nervous Nellie's, where they make homemade jellies and jams.  But the really cool part about Nervous Nellie's is there are sculptures all around the shop and in the nearby woods made out of old recycled parts.  Really creative, and fun to see any new sculptures they've added over the past year.

Enjoying a juice and scone at Nervous Nellie's
Eating a yummy "gluten free chocolate cupcake with strawberry buttermilk frosting" at the Farmer's Market

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