Monday, July 2, 2012

Watery weekend recap

It was a sunny, hot summer weekend here, so Miss E and I spent a lot of time in/by water.  On Saturday, we pretty much just hung out by the pool and in the back yard of our apt. complex. 

Chillaxin by the pool with a new friend

In the backyard riding someone's (no idea who's) Barbie jeep

On Sunday, we hit the beach (Salisbury State Park- LOVE it!!) with Misty and Paden :)
the kiddos iin the backseat gearing up for the car ride- thank you Misty for providing books for entertainment!

The day was awesome- we all had a great time.  Elizabeth and Paden had a blast playing in the (cold!) water for hours! 

On Tuesday, E and I are headed to Maine for lots of family fun, we can't wait!!

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