Saturday, July 7, 2012

Maine- Day 5

Today was our last full day in Maine :(  This morning we took some family pictures down on the rocks.  We used my brother's fancy camera, and he hasn't sent any of those to me yet, but here's a few I snapped with my Blackberry. 

Elizabeth and her cousins with their Uncle Don

My brother, SIL, and nephews

My sister and BIL

Later in the morning, I took E for a swim in the neighbors pool...

This afternoon, my sister and I headed out to Ellsworth to do some clothes shopping.  We hit a few awesome thrift stores and TJ Max, and made a huge haul!!  Thank you Betsy for your excellent fashion advice and for your generosity- you're the best! xoxox  And thank you Mom, Dad and Don for hanging out with E back at the house this afternoon!  xoxox

And last but not least...E would like to remind everyone that being on vacation is no excuse for neglecting your excercise routine :)

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Betsy Keyes said...

Excellent last comment - haha!

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