Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dear Elizabeth (a letter to my sweet girl on her 5th birthday)

Dear Elizabeth,

So today is your 5th birthday.  Wow, is all I can say.  All of your birthdays have been important, but for some reason, this one seems like a really big one.  It feels like this is the end of your early childhood.  And it's true, you have been quickly shedding all remnants of "preschoolishness" and are turning into a "school age kid" right before my very eyes.  Some days, I swear you look bigger when I pick you up from Day Care than you did when I dropped you off in the morning.  You have even lost two teeth already, which you are very proud of!  You are getting more and more interested in reading and writing, although you would still prefer to be jumping or swimming.  Oh, how you love to jump...You would be so happy if I converted our livingroom into a giant trampoline!  And swimming...As I tell you all the time, you are a little fish.  You love, love, love to swim, and to jump into the water.  You took swimming lessons this Spring (courtesy of your Aunt Betsy) and can now do the crawl stroke.  People always comment on what a great swimmer you are when they see you in the pool. 

You love to sing, especially songs from "The Wizard of Oz", your favorite movie in the world.  You definitely have a dramatic flair about you, and love to perform.  I can't decide if you will be a famous athlete, or a famous actress.  Maybe you'll be both, I wouldn't put it past you.  You have a strong personality, and a strong will, which I wouldn't change, even though sometimes it makes for some "challenging" moments between us.  You get angry with me sometimes, but it never lasts long.  More than anything, you are loving and caring with me, and want to please.

You are an extrovert, and quickly make new friends wherever you go.  You get very unhappy when play dates and birthday parties are over, and it's time to say goodbye.  You have a vitality and a spark that draws people to you.  You are a happy girl, and pretty much sing and jump your way through life :) 

You have some big changes coming up soon.  You will say goodbye to the Day Care/ Preschool you have been going to for almost three years, and hello to Kindergarten.  I know you are ready.  I'm so excited to watch you learn and grow over the next year.  I think you will love Kindergarten and will do great.  I have a lump in my throat that my "baby" is no more, but proud and thrilled that you are growing into such a sweet, bright, funny, big girl. 

So Happy 5th Birthday, Tizzylish.  Mommy loves you to the Moon and back.



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