Monday, July 30, 2012

Resolutions update

Since we are half way through 2012 (!!!!), I thought I'd give an update on how my New Years Resolutions are going...I first blogged about my resolutions back in January here and here.  My two main resolutions were to 1) "be a better blogger,"" and 2) lose weight, be healthier.

So how have I been doing?  Let's see...

1) Be a better blogger... I've been doing fairly well on this one, I'd say.  I was not able to blog every day in January like I wanted to.  Somehow I just couldn't get it done (it's harder than it sounds!).  However, I have definitely been blogging more frequently than I was.  And, I (finally) did a complete blog makeover.  It took me forever (and that's only a slight exageration) to figure out how to do it, but I did it, and I kinda like it, if I do say so myself :)  Also, I've been making a point of trying to comment more on other people's blogs.  So, while I have room for improvment in this area, and lots of ideas for posts that I haven't written yet, I think I've been doing ok on this one...

2) Lose weight, be healthier...Actually yes, I've been doing this...Since February, I've lost a buncha weight :)  Thanks to kicking out just about all food that I enjoy processed foods, diet soda, and beer, plus working out regularly at the Y, I've made that number on the scale go down :)  And I definitely feel better (no more "carbo comas" or food hangovers)  Just hope I can keep this up!!!!!

 Just for comparison, below is a picture from July 2011, then a picture from July 2012. 

July 2011

July 2012

So...that's where I'm at right now...still a work in progress, and actually, I'm cool with that.  I think we should always be growing and evolving.  Otherwise, what's the point, right? 

Hmmm...this has been a pretty "all about me" post, hasn't it...?  Isn't this blog supposed to be "all about Elizabeth?"  No worries, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming shortly :)

Anyone out there want to share their progress on their New Year's resolutions?  Love to hear from you (especially you lurkers out there, you know who you are :)

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